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Mason Rack is a born enertainer - growing up playing percusion at the age of six with his musicion father Billy Rack. Progressing to drums at age eight, Mason was able to play any style of music. For the next four years Mason developed a natural rhythm that is now part of his soul and way of life.


Mason picked up a guitar in his early years and mastered the genre of blues and rock which is his true passion. His stage performance is an experience in itself. With more than 2000 shows performed including major music festivals throughout Australia and Canada, the musician shows no signs of slowing down.


The raspy vocals of lead frontman Mason Rack have been described by fans as one on the sexiest voices in the blues music scene with flashes from Tom Waits and Led Zeppelin.          






'' D R U M S "  



Coming from a family of drummers, ''JULE the ginger ninja KESHAN''was born with sticks in his hand.Voted nicest guy on the golf course , known for his stroke and looking for balls in bush !! A true vault of precision , feel and attack -Quote'' the man is a machine'' !! =Zen brother productions . 




Kristian "Hellboy" Rousell


Jamie ''ROBO'' Roberts,  Freak bassist Jamie's playing

doubles over to guitar when the band swaps intruments mid-song , the whole show

see's Jamie bustin moves . Again Jamie also joins the drum line and the three 

erupt  in a magical display of performance, it has to be seen to be believed. Constantly recording as a promintent session musician , his influences are as varied as his intruments, guitar and bass, infact nearly anything with strings..Check out his BASS SOLO -- ''mind blowing '' 


Jamie being the  .......

'whipper snapper'' of the band , is voted most likely to - 1 = be very ''mellow '' , 2 - with AN AWESOME STORY and SOCKS .  3 - SLEEP WHILE IN THE VAN, WITH AMAZING SOCKS . 4 - TEXTING CONSTANTLY , ABOUT HIS SOCKS AND THE CORROLS ROICE . 5 -BE CHASED BY COUGAR'S, USING SUPER SOCKS FOR A GETTAWA - !!!!!! lol... 

he's a top fella... ''TOP FELLA '' !!! 


better pic coming :]







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